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What is Chiropractic?

“Chiropractic” literally means “done by hand”. It is a form of manual therapy which may include muscle trigger point relaxation techniques, mobilisation and manipulation of joints. Commonly chiropractors work with the joints of the spine and pelvis but may also attend to musculoskeletal problems involving joints in the shoulders, hips, arms and legs.

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What to expect on your first visit

Your first visit will take approximately one hour and will include a comprehensive history of your complaint followed by a physical examination which will include a focussed assessment of your joints with an emphasis on the spine and pelvis.

After the case history and physical examination have been completed you will be advised of the nature of your problem, whether or not chiropractic care may help, what type of treatment you will receive and how long recovery should take.

Low back pain

80% of the general population experience a significant bout of low back pain at some time during their lives. The causes of low back pain range from very simple bio-mechanical problems to more serious conditions involving discs and nerves supplying the legs. Chiropractic care is appropriate and helpful for most forms of low back pain, especially pain that is being caused by bio-mechanical problems.

Neck pain

Neck pain may result from injury such as that suffered in motor vehicle accidents. These are commonly referred to as whiplash injuries. Neck pain may also result from faulty posture in the cervical spine and people who sit at desks all day can be prone to this sort of trouble. Often desk workers will not bother with setting their chairs, desks, computer screens and keyboards at ideal heights so that they are constantly putting unnecessary stress through the muscles in the neck.


One of the most common symptoms associated with neck pain is headache. Two types of headache often result from neck problems – those caused by irritation to the soft tissues and joints in the neck, and those resulting from increased tension or spasm in the muscles attaching to the base of the skull. This sort of headache typically starts at the base of the skull and will often refer over the eyes and into the temples.

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